We are passionate in building web and mobile apps

We are passionate in building web and mobile apps.

  • To help clients and partners optimally exploit the strength of mobile content and information technology solution to achieve business benefit
  • To provide a good quality of services whilst constantly be creative and innovative for clients and partner success Company Vision
  • To become the market leader in content and media industry and information technology solution at regional and international scale

* Discover new experience on building Awesome application

We offer mobile industry related services.
Maintainance more than 1000.000 members of community in all telecommunication companies.

BCOMM is Indonesian's leading specialist in developing mobile services, innovative and technically competent wireless content provider. We are team of professionals having a lot of experiences in mobile industries. We have developed many mobile applications for our client within Indonesia and other countries..


SMS Broadcast/SMS Bulk is a solution with a lot of advantages for your business

Interactive Mobile Service

Using the Short Codes and USSD, the Interactive Mobile Service by Andalabs enable your company to provide information to and generate interaction with your customers.

Android Games

Download top apk games for Android phones and tablets

Video Content

With the huge rise in video consumption on mobile devices, it’s important to find a solution that’s both easy to manage and flawless for viewers. We make it easy with mobile-ready encoding flavors, seamless device detection, customizable players, and built in support for advertising, analytics, and subtitles